Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solution

Hello Programmers, In this post, you will know how to solve the Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solution. This problem is a part of the HackerRank Java Programming Series.

Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solution
Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solutions

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Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solutions


Let’s play a game on an array! You’re standing at index  of an -element array named . From some index  (where ), you can perform one of the following moves:

  • Move Backward: If cell  exists and contains a , you can walk back to cell .

Problem Statement: Click Here

Java 1D Array (Part 2) HackerRank Solutions

import java.util.*;
public class Solution {
    public static boolean canWin(int leap, int[] game, int i) {
        if (i < 0 || game[i] == 1)
            return false;
        if (i + 1 >= game.length || i + leap >= game.length)
            return true;
        game[i] = 1; //flag
        return canWin(leap, game, i + leap)
                || canWin(leap, game, i + 1)
                || canWin(leap, game, i - 1);
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
        int q = scan.nextInt();
        while (q-- > 0) {
            int n = scan.nextInt();
            int leap = scan.nextInt();
            int[] game = new int[n];
            for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
                game[i] = scan.nextInt();
            System.out.println((canWin(leap, game, 0)) ? "YES" : "NO");

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