Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solution

Hello Programmers, In this post, you will know how to solve the Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solution. This problem is a part of the HackerRank Python Programming Series.

Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solution
Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solutions

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Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solution


One of the built-in functions of Python is divmod, which takes two arguments a and b and returns a tuple containing the quotient of a/b first and then the remainder a.

For example:

>>> print divmod(177,10)
(17, 7)

Here, the integer division is 177/10 => 17 and the modulo operator is 177%10 => 7.

Task :

Read in two integers, a and b, and print three lines.
The first line is the integer division a//b (While using Python2 remember to import division from __future__).
The second line is the result of the modulo operator: a%b.
The third line prints the divmod of a and b.

Input Format :

The first line contains the first integer, a, and the second line contains the second integer, b.

Output Format :

Print the result as described above.

Sample Input :


Sample Output :

(17, 7)

Mod Divmod in Python HackerRank Solutions

# Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT
d = divmod(int(input()), int(input()))
print(*d, d, sep='\n')

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