Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solution

Hello Programmers, In this post, you will know how to solve the Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solution. This problem is a part of the HackerRank Python Programming Series.

Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solution
Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solutions

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Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solution


PolyThe poly tool returns the coefficients of a polynomial with the given sequence of roots.

print numpy.poly([-1, 1, 1, 10])        #Output : [  1 -11   9  11 -10]

rootsThe roots tool returns the roots of a polynomial with the given coefficients.

print numpy.roots([1, 0, -1])           #Output : [-1.  1.]

PolyintThe polyint tool returns an antiderivative (indefinite integral) of a polynomial.

print numpy.polyint([1, 1, 1])          #Output : [ 0.33333333  0.5         1.          0.        ]

PolyderThe polyder tool returns the derivative of the specified order of a polynomial.

print numpy.polyder([1, 1, 1, 1])       #Output : [3 2 1]

PolyvalThe polyval tool evaluates the polynomial at specific value.

print numpy.polyval([1, -2, 0, 2], 4)   #Output : 34

PolyfitThe polyfit tool fits a polynomial of a specified order to a set of data using a least-squares approach.

print numpy.polyfit([0,1,-1, 2, -2], [0,1,1, 4, 4], 2)
#Output : [  1.00000000e+00   0.00000000e+00  -3.97205465e-16]

 The functions polyaddpolysubpolymul, and polydiv also handle proper addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of polynomial coefficients, respectively. 

Task :

You are given the coefficients of a polynomial P.
Your task is to find the value of P at point x.

Input Format :

The first line contains the space separated value of the coefficients in P.
The second line contains the value of x.

Output Format :

Print the desired value.

Sample Input :

1.1 2 3

Sample Output :


Polynomials in Python HackerRank Solutions

import numpy
poly = [float(x) for x in input().split()]
x = float(input())
print(numpy.polyval(poly, x))

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