All HackerRank Regex Solutions

All HackerRank Regex Solutions

Hello Programmers, If you’re looking for help with All HackerRank Regex Solutions Here in Single Post, Directly copy-paste these codes into the HackerRank terminal and you are good to go.

All HackerRank Regex Solutions
All HackerRank Regex Solutions

One more thing to add, don’t straight away look for the solutions, first try to solve the problems by yourself. If you find any difficulty after trying so many times, then look for the solutions.

HackerRank Regex Solutions

In this lesson, we are going to cover all the All Regex HackerRank Solutions. Here is the list.


  1. HackerRank matching specific string solution
  2. HackerRank Matching Anything But a Newline Solution
  3. HackerRank Matching Digits & Non-Digit Characters Solution
  4. HackerRank Matching Whitespace & Non-Whitespace Character Solution
  5. HackerRank Matching Word & Non-Word Character Solution
  6. HackerRank Matching Start & End Solution

Character Class

  1. HackerRank Matching Specific Characters Solution
  2. HackerRank Excluding Specific Characters Solution
  3. HackerRank Matching Character Ranges Solution


  1. HackerRank Matching {x} Repetitions Solution
  2. HackerRank Matching {x, y} Repetitions Solution
  3. HackerRank Matching Zero Or More Repetitions Solution
  4. HackerRank Matching One Or More Repetitions Solution
  5. HackerRank Matching Ending Items Solution

Grouping and Capturing

  1. HackerRank Matching Word Boundaries Solution
  2. HackerRank Capturing & Non-Capturing Groups Solution
  3. HackerRank Alternative Matching Solution


  1. HackerRank Matching Same Text Again & Again Solution
  2. HackerRank Backreferences To Failed Groups Solution
  3. HackerRank Branch Reset Group Solution
  4. HackerRank Forward References Solution


  1. HackerRank Positive Lookahead Solution
  2. HackerRank Negative Lookahead Solution
  3. HackerRank Positive Lookbehind Solution
  4. HackerRank Negative Lookbehind Solution


  1. HackerRank Detect HTML links Solution
  2. HackerRank Detect HTML Tags Solution
  3. HackerRank Find a Sub Word Solution
  4. HackerRank Alien Username Solution
  5. HackerRank IP Address Validation Solution
  6. HackerRank Find a Word Solution
  7. HackerRank Detect the Email Addresses Solution
  8. HackerRank Detect the Domain Name Solution
  9. HackerRank Building a Smart IDE: Identifying comments Solution
  10. HackerRank Detecting Valid Latitude and Longitude Pairs Solution
  11. HackerRank Tweets Solution
  12. HackerRank Build a Stack Exchange Scraper Solution
  13. HackerRank Utopian Identification Number Solution
  14. HackerRank Valid PAN format Solution
  15. Find HackerRank Solution
  16. HackerRank Saying Hi Solution
  17. HackerRank Language Solution
  18. HackerRank Building a Smart IDE: Programming Language Detection Solution
  19. HackerRank Split the Phone Numbers Solution
  20. HackerRank Detect HTML Attributes Solution
  21. HackerRank The British and American Style of Spelling Solution
  22. HackerRank UK and US: Part 2 Solution

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